Spiritual Kindling

That one act of kindling the flame has revealed an entirely new dimension. to G‑d,” we direct all of our physical needs and experiences to a higher, spiritual purpose. Similarly, in following the.

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And for the rabbis, the spiritual goal of the Hanukkah ritual is to publicize the miracle of the oil (in Aramaic, pirsumay nisa). Publicizing the miracle is so critical for the rabbis that they are.

The world over ― and not just among the Jews ― ideological sects and denominations lay claim to spiritual authenticity, even as they attack one another with charges of either fundamentalism or.

The ‘‘overheard thoughts’’ of a “genuine traveller” (from A Cold Night in Kisakata), intent on a spiritual quest. One of the standout poems in this collection is Gathering Kindling with Tim While.

and through kindling the Chanukah lights. It must be emphasized that the commemoration of the other holidays through physical activities also has spiritual significance. For the Jews’ physical.

And for the rabbis, the spiritual goal of the Hanukkah ritual is to publicize the miracle of the oil (in Aramaic, pirsumay nisa). Publicizing the miracle is so critical for the rabbis that they are.

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But since Chanukah is a spiritual celebration, it is celebrated with light, with the kindling of candles, rather than with food. Even though there was a war at Chanukah as well, we don’t celebrate the.

And a new message of spiritual rebirth from evangelical preachers like George Whitefield swept through the American colonies, upending traditional religious authority and kindling a rebellious spirit.

Eventually, she managed to finally set Pennywise ablaze with the help of newspaper kindling. Jensen still didn’t feel safe though — just in case, she made sure to take some spiritual measures, too. "I.

Do the spiritual work to find out for yourselves. Renlund compared blessings to the building of a large fire, with kindling and wood chips covered by progressively larger logs. The wood pile may be.

How long would you have to watch wood burn before you could know whether or not it actually was being consumed? Even dry kindling wood is not burned up for several minutes. This then would mean that.

Yes, we are to have spiritual faith, but we also live in a natural mortal. friends bring her a fair amount of firewood and bundles of small branches for kindling in case her fire went out. She.

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The emphasis is not on the struggle against tyranny, the land liberated, “religious freedom” or the military victory against overwhelming odds; it is the celebration of a spiritual struggle. but.

Their shimmering, soulful take on Bob Dylan’s anthem of deliverance "I Shall Be Released" and their transformation of Billy Joe Shaver’s "Live Forever" from outlaw country to syncopated R&B are just.

"If John D. Rockefeller Jr. is the father of Colonial Williamsburg for his visionary generosity in restoring Virginia’s colonial capitol, and the Reverend W.A.R. Goodwin its spiritual godfather for.

I know who is buttering the toast so to speak, and I’m preparing for a bread fast. The spiritual and the flesh, the light and the dark, the smell of the fresh and the residual aroma of a love flushed.

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